About the Editor

I’m an out door person who has spent her life hiking, skiing, camping and working in the outdoors.  However in the last several years I have found myself commuting to Portland and working long days at a desk.  So when I do have the time to be outdoors – I like to do it in style and comfort.

I live in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge near Portland Oregon.  I enjoy watching the sunset over the river from my deck.   As the night life comes alive and the stars come out – I can spend hours watching the shooting stars – or the bats catching bugs over head.  (OK maybe that’s not such a hot item… I think it is cool – some think it is creepy – stick with the stars if you think the bats are creepy.)  In the mornings I especially enjoy watching the bald eagles nest in the trees near by – or the ospreys hunt.   My hanging fuchsia baskets attract hummingbirds – these are fun to watch – but you have to be comfortably seated and hold still – or you don’t see them for long!

My time with my family and my personal time is important.  I want the furniture I have to be comfortable and high enough quality for low maintenance and durability.  I want it to be pleasing to the eye and to fit the occasion.  This is a tall order since I have 6 children – most married – and 8 grand children.    I host our family reunion each August – this means I have 70 plus people arrive for the weekend!  We have used all manner of seating to host this event and I have learned what lasts and what doesn’t.

My goal is to help you navigate the the area of outdoor seating, and help you find the quality furniture you need that fits your budget.

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