Home Styles 5 Piece 48″ Round Outdoor Dining Set with Arm Chairs In Black – You Don’t Need To Be A Knight To Sit At This Round Table

December 18, 2010

Since the days of yore, kings and queens have commissioned many a “maker” or “smith” to craft them functional pieces of art like the Home Styles Five Piece 48″ Round Outdoor Dining Set with Arm Chairs in Black, to impress and garner envy.  Any good king and queen knew well, how important appearances were to their status and how powerful it made them among their courtiers.

Lighter than cast iron, Home Styles 5 Piece 48″ Round Outdoor Dining Set retains high grade durability with the same great look.  Any king of his castle would be wise to approve this noble design for his outdoor court.

Decorative and intricate pieces of art were thought to exude wealth and taste, as it was often quite costly and slow for the maker to procure such an involved piece.  As you sit at these beautifully antiqued tables, listen for the echoes of ancient nobles discussing important matters of money and war.  You can imagine the sounds of horse’s hooves as they clip-clop down the damp, uneven cobblestone streets, accompanied by the dull clanking of a knight’s armor from the wooden cities walls.
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Once upon a time these cast aluminum pieces would have been hand made in a forge. Today they are made by pouring the molten, silvery metal into carved forms and molds.  After they are released from the molds, they are smoothed and taken to be powder coated.

Powder coating can be applied much more thickly than liquid pains and the extra powder is recyclable.  The black powder sticks to the metal with something like a static cling effect and is melted at high temperatures for a superior, even coat of very tough paint.  The set is then antiqued and glazed before it is complete.

Ten Gold Pieces For Everything You Know…

  • Five piece outdoor round dining set
  • Includes one 48″ round dining table and four arm chairs
  • Black finish
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Intricately designed metal
  • Durable, built to last
  • Non-toxic powder coated finish
  • Hand antiqued and glazed
  • Nylon glides on all table and chair legs
  • Beautifully patterned table top comes with opening for an umbrella
  • Maintenance free
  • Assembly required
  • Seat height: 16″
  • 141 lbs
  • Other manufacturer numbers: 88-5554-328

This set is made by DMI, a leader in casual lifestyle furniture and collections of better quality.  With arms that now stretch from Louisville, Kentucky to the center of China, DMI has been serving customers like you for 100 years.

Customers love this set as evidenced by their strong five star ratings and helpful comments.  Customers call this set attractive, easy to assemble, durable and comfortable.  The only downside to the set can be easily remedied by a customer’s piece of advice; use your own crescent wrench when assembling the set.  It seems the wrench that comes with the set can be a little difficult to use.  Other customers were impressed by the shipping, calling it well packed and well organized.

Shipping on this sensibly priced set seems to be a breeze as well, according to customer reviews.  One woman ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Monday.  The shipping is listed at 24 to 48 hours and ships to Canada.

This fine lightweight set cost less than cast iron but holds up well throughout the years.  If you’re searching for style and a great deal, look no further than this attractive, five piece set.  You will spend less gold and receive it in a flash.

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