International Caravan Acacia Patio 4 Foot Bench With UV Painted Finish – No, We Didn’t Mean To Say Acai.

October 18, 2010

Benches remind me of poetry, strolls through parks, quiet moments of contemplation, and intimate conversations shared with people I love.  They seem to invite you to sit and just be with nature or relax with a good friend.  Benches are for sharing secrets and holding hands as the sunlight dances on the wakes of a well-attended birdbath’s pool. The International Caravan Acacia Patio 4 Foot Bench With UV Painted Finish, is exactly the type of bench that springs to mind when I think of nature.

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Acacia Patio 4 Foot BenchI have taken some of my best photos seated on benches very similar to this.  Somehow, the act of sitting in silence can sometimes unlock a door in me that I had no idea was closed.  Suddenly, normally banal objects seem to spring to life before my eyes. With a few quick adjustments my shutter snaps that moment into visual history and that is how a truly beautiful photograph is born.

This classically styled, sturdy bench is sure to outlast the Acai diet fad. Witness this wonderful, wooden workbench, wrought from the Whistling Thorn’s whimsical wood by the workmanship of willing workers.

Customer reviews for this friendly bench seem to chant the same message; thrilled, sturdy, beautiful, easy.  With such a simple and classic look, people are happy to use it in their homes and even at the dinner table for extra seating. It seems that this comfy critter is the perfect height to seat the unexpected arrivals for your famous taco night invite.

This garden bench seat is part of the Acacia Patio collection.  There are many complimentary pieces to this beautiful bench.  The manufacturer has been making everything from outdoor furniture to home accents since 1967. It’s easy to assemble and has a solid feel.

Details, Descriptions And Dimensions

  • Stain finish
  • Constructed from solid acacia hardwood
  • UV stained wood
  • Overall dimensions: 35″ H x 48″ W x 25″ D
  • Manufacturer numbers: VF-4110-ST
  • Weight: 41 ls.

If you’ve never heard the term Whistling Thorn you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s another, more poetic, name for the Acacia Tree.  The name is pronounced AH-KAY-SHA, with the “a” making an “uh” sound on the end.  This versatile tree not only makes beautiful furniture, it makes Timothy Leary weep with joy.  Among other “properties” many species of this tree pack a tropical punch, if you catch my drift… man.  Don’t get any funny ideas though; your bench is not made from the funky version of this far-out tree.

Raised primarily in Australia’s Outback, your bench was likely grown in the rugged terrain of the outlaw continent, where it provided many people with food from its flavorful seed pods and shade with its thorny branches and leaves. It is used to travel and will safely show up at your door in three to five days from the time you order.  It will even travel to Canada.

An outdoor bench seat just begs a spot on your garden’s walk.  This humble servant feels most at home in a big open field, near a garden or on a patio.  He is well behaved and a very popular choice for new and veteran owners alike.  He’s had his UV shots and is slow to fade under the punishing rays of the sun.  Won’t you take him home with you today?

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