International Concepts Black Porch Rocker – Jimi Hendrix Style

November 4, 2010

Few things survive the test of time.  As technology hurls us into the future, many of us find ourselves looking out at a world we barely recognize.  Children are becoming successful computer game programmers while many of us still struggle with the TV remote.  Not too many figured out the flashing VCR light before that machine became obsolete either.  If one thing remains simple in form and functions it’s the International Concepts Black Porch Rocker.

My dad was a technophile.  While he enjoyed his well formed rocking chair he also had a penchant for edge of discovery items.  He would eagerly await the package while sitting on his throne and inspect every part to make sure everything had come as described.  Then would come the long wait.  While we had the new item in box form, we also had for some reason, to get rid of the old item before the new one was assembled.

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The assembly process could sometimes take months to begin, my father waiting for the perfect weekend to dig into his new box of goodies.  On the decided day, he would gather the family around his chair to “help” him put the long awaited device together.  Many of us would make excuses and find other places we had to be on these days, for what inevitably took place was a silent captivity as father painstakingly poured over every detail of the two hundred page manual before he even touched a piece of the equipment.

After his long read he would curse and swear as he wrestled the machine into submission.  He would take no advice, even from those of us that would eventually be the ones to program the new pieces of technology once it had lost its newness.  After a long, tedious afternoon he would collapse into his padded rocker and sleep well into the night.

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in a comfortable rocking chair?  They’re great for babies and adults alike.  You can almost hear the solid hardwood of the chair making its soft, rhythmic noises as the curved parts rock over a slightly uneven floor or swoosh softly against a low lying carpet or rug.

Simplicity Means You Can’t Mess It Up

• Ready to assemble
• Made of hardwoods
• UV protective finish
• Designed for use on a covered outdoor area
• Offered separately in 3 other colors
• Overall dimensions: 26.4″ H x 32″ W x 44.8″ D
• 26.4″ H x 32″ W x 44.8″ D
• Weight 48.9 lbs
• sometimes listed under manufacturer numbers: R-51866

This chair receives a four point eight out of a possible five stars.  Customers call this chair comfortable, sturdy and ergonomic.  The only tip was to use a power drill to set the screws.  This item ships fast in one to three business days and ships to Canada.

Whether you prefer Elvis or the Beatles, it’s time to dig out your cassette player and prepare to rock in style.  Find out why other people choose this chair over other designs and teleport yourself back in time as you sway to your favorite tunes in your new staple of simplicity and comfort.

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