Kettler Roma Chaise Lounge – Easy In, Easy Out

November 19, 2010

Chairs are as unique as the people that use them.  To help someone choose the right chair is to understand the motivations behind their decision making process. Compare the qualities of the item being offered to the true needs of the person and you will have a perfect fit.  Many people choose the Kettler Roma Chaise Lounge for its attractiveness and height, which makes it the best choice for those that do not enjoy struggling out of an impossibly low chair.

Chairs like this adorn many family’s pool sides or patios.  This chairs thoughtful design sure beats the lounge chairs I was used to as a child.  I remember lying, shivering and swimsuit clad, on the warm plastic bands of what my mother would call a beach chair.  The adjustable metal gear would come to a grinding snap as you tried to position the sandy parts into a comfortable position.

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As I lay warming in the sun, doing all I could to press my cold body against heat of the chair’s multi colored, plastic strips, I would imagine that I was a reptile on a sunny rock, soaking in the heat to warm my blood so that I could move around with ease once again.  The sounds of other children splashing and playing would lull me into a temporary coma as I tightly hugged my one and only heat source.

Eventually I would warm to a hot crisp; the once soothing plastic becoming a stinging menace to my soft little face.  I would literally peel myself from the chair and briefly admire the pink and white pattern left on my sweaty skin before running and plunging myself back into the cold lakes refreshing waters.

Luxury For Less

Unlike the chairs of my youth, this lounges design has adult-size comfort in mind.  From the contoured curves of its adjustable back to the attached wheels making portability a breeze, the good people of Kettler have thought of just about everything.  The chair folds easily for self-standing storage and rolls effortlessly along the flat surfaces of any patio or poolside with a modest push or pull.

At 16 inches, the seat’s height makes exiting the chair much simpler than lower lounges of its type.  It comes with a limited warrantee from Kettler, a company that prides itself on luxury design.  When the chair is in its standing position the folded part is held in place with Kettler’s own safety-fold track and latch system.

• 4 reclining positions
• Contoured back for added comfort
• Folds for easy self-standing storage
• Replaceable foot inserts
• Unique Safety-Fold™ track & latch
• Suitable for residential and commercial use

• Seat Height: 16″
• Seat Depth: 44 1/2″
• Overall Dimensions: 41 1/2 H x 28″ W
• Weight 30 lbs
• Other manufacturer numbers: 1638-000, 1638-440

Customers vote this chair attractive and comfortable with a four point eight star rating.  A few people wish the chair was even higher and said it was more comfortable with cushions than without.

If you are looking for a chair that conforms to your body and has a luxury design without the high price tag, you have come to the right place.  Take a look for yourself at the happy customers and the chair that delivered them so much enjoyment.  Look no further for furniture that truly works with you, designed with ergonomics and your comfort in mind.

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