Patio Perfect Eucalyptus 3 Piece Square Bistro Set – Avoid The Snobbery And Enjoy Paris On Your Patio

October 30, 2010

Undoubtedly, the Patio Perfect Eucalyptus 3 Piece Square Bistro Set will bring you years of pleasant and intimate experiences with those you love for years to come.  Many of the best relationships in our lives are shaped by sharing stimulating conversation over a warm, home cooked meal.  Delight your friends with exaggerated tales of travel over a bottle of wine and journey with them past the superficial wall of pleasantries to the land of dreams, hopes and fears.  Delight in the company of those that trust you with their most closely guarded secrets.  Imagine how good it will feel to relax and take in the fresh air while comfortably seated in these delightful pieces of French history.

I have had some of my best experiences sitting in seats exactly like the ones described.  Just picturing them sends waves of nostalgia rippling through my mind.  I recall stuffing one too many slices of pizza down in dimly lit corners of Italian Pizzerias and questing through the rainy streets of Paris searching for the perfect French restaurant, just to end up in chairs exactly like these.  The Patio Perfect Eucalyptus 3 Piece Square Bistro Set couldn’t have hit the mark better, than with this unassuming and attractive three piece offering.

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Patio Perfect 3 Piece Bistro SetThe French have a bad reputation for having their noses perpetually stuck in the air.  I think this is a rather narrow-minded point of view but not completely meritless. A great way to get on the French wavelength is to avoid the trendy coffee stops and dig a little deeper into the city’s rich culture.

Traditionally, bistros were informal stops where you could grab a good meal of easily prepared food and a glass of wine at a reasonable price. They were often opened in the basements of apartment house’s by their landlords, as a way to generate a few extra Francs. In a country where effleurage and winemaking are still done by hand, or “foot”, many warm nooks have been carved into the lesser traveled areas of the larger French cities.

As the two seats suggest, emulating the bistro experience entails the sharing of great food over even better conversation.  This set is meant for two.  The patio setting can be an ideal place to reenact some of your most treasured travel experiences or create new moments in time.  The seats and table are pure hardwood and made from Australia’s tallest tree, the effervescent eucalyptus.

The chairs and tables have a matching bar construction and come with complimentary cushions for your added comfort.  This handsome set pivots at the middle to give the each piece added flexibility for flat storage convenience and makes for quick setups in the case of an impromptu visit from an excited friend or thoughtful family member.

Les Details S’il Vous Plaît

• Eucalyptus 3 Piece Square Bistro Set
• Includes: one square table and two chairs with cushions
• Fully assembled
• Table dimensions: 28″ H x 23.5″ W x 23.5″ D
• Overall dimensions: 42″ H x 24.5″ W x 10″ D

Customers agree that this set is the easiest choice you can make when considering affordable patio ware.  It’s no surprise this set gets five stars for quality and excellence.  Super-fast shipping is always a plus.  You can expect your package to be shipped in 24 to 48 hours and it also travels to Canada.

Short of flying to France, you won’t get a more authentic experience than enjoying a warm, candle lit meal with the apple of your eye on this finely crafted set.   Made to blend naturally with any setting, this furniture is modest right down to its price.  Treat yourself to a bit of culture and let the good times begin.

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