New River Outdoor Savannah 4′ Porch Swing – As Southern As You Can Get

November 24, 2010

There are places that heat people to a slow boil; places where animals stand motionless under the shade of giant trees, only blinking an eyelid or swishing a tail to ward off a pesky fly.  The New River Outdoor Savannah 4′ Porch Swing was made for days like these.

I have spent many baking, one hundred degree afternoons, waiting excitedly for the tropical four thirty thunder storms so common to the south.  Like clockwork, the dark purple, cumulus clouds begin to form along the edges of the Florida coastline.  As the dark patch of clouds grows taller, rolling thunder can be heard echoing, voice unobstructed across the impossibly flat vastness of Florida’s swamplands.

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Pushing gently with my feet, one hand grasping the hot, sturdy chain, I would count the seconds between each fantastic flash of light and its rumbling answer to the rhythmic groans of my dark, swinging bench.  Usually, it would not take more than fifteen minutes from the first, far away sounds of the threatening storm to feel the initial warm, wet breeze that broke the days punishing heat.

Sounds Of A Southern Storm

Nervously, I would stand my ground, listening for the telling hiss of the oncoming tropical rains that foreshadowed the fierce throes of a tropical storm that was about to unleash itself upon this tamed jungle.  The angry clouds would pile high in the sky above the swing and I, as the afternoon sun fell behind the massive wall of dark thunderheads, casting a purple hue onto everything under its great mass.

Suddenly the wind would die and a gasp of silence would hang thickly in the hot air.  It was time.  Like a thousand angry snakes, the rain would come, wild and strong in sheets so thick you could barely make out your neighbor’s house and the claps of thunder would wrack and shake the ground with the sounds of a hundred cannons.  The air was practically alive with electricity and I would quickly snatch my hand away from the metal chain of the chair, as if this would protect me from an errant bolt of electric sky.  What can I say, it’s cheaper than skydiving.

Those of you that prefer the softer aspects of life’s unpredictable ride will appreciate the smooth contours of the swings bench seat, thoughtfully carved for your comfort.  The UV finish makes this a sensible choice for outdoor furniture and won’t leave you wanting for sturdiness or ease of assembly.

Made from Brazilian hardwood, these chairs are made only with trees that were carefully selected from the forests of Brazil, under the supervision of the Brazilian Department of Natural Resources.  New river furniture is careful to ensure that no endangered trees are used in the making of their beautiful, hand sanded furniture.

• Offered in linseed oil, white, green, or black
• Contoured seat
• Rounded armrests
• Limited 3 year warranty
• Overall dimensions: 23.437″ H x 53.562″ W x 24.812″ D
• Weight 61 lbs.
• Wood harvested responsibly

Based on customer reviews, this swing gets nearly a five star rating from a multitude of customers.  The only problem mentioned was that the paint came a bitted scratched from shipping but this was easily remedied by the matching paint provided with the product.

Why not bring the wild of the south to your outdoor places? This swing is sure to become a valued member of your family.  Share your life and its many peaks and valleys with the people you love, from the comfort of this lasting piece of the Brazilian canopy.

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