Rustic Cedar Porch Swing – And A Freezer Full Of Moose Meat

December 2, 2010

Born and raised in northern Maine, my first house was a log cabin that my parents built in the seventies.  Mild summers and bitterly cold winters are the hallmarks of a life just below the Canadian borders.  Many moose, deer and bear frequented our back yard, which we could observe from our kitchen window.  When the weather permitted, my mother and I would curl up in a warm quilt and watch the early morning foraging of many a four legged beast from the comfort of our truly rustic cedar porch swing.

My favorite animals to spot from the sturdy swing were the majestic moose, with antlers much bigger than I was then and hoofs so large they left enormous, hoof shaped pockets in the soft earth around the garden.  Each time it would rain the water would pool into the sunken spots, turning the prints into small bird baths for the many chickadees that lived in the surrounding woods.

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Grandfather used to make furniture for us from those very same trees, much like the classic cedar swing pictured, but he would also drive my parents crazy with his freezer full of moose meat.  He had started dating again and liked to take his moose meat with him wherever he stayed.  The only problem was that he never stayed for too long.  So the folks finally got fed up, after about a year of transferring the frozen hunks of moose back and forth between his house and her apartment freezer, and gave his meat away to some friends that would use it as more than just a trophy.  My parents never had to move the meat again but it was a while before we got a new piece of furniture from him.

Add a touch of county inspiration to your patio, garden or porch with this wonderful wooden tradition.  Natural and stylish, the wood is not treated with chemical preservatives, making it an easy choice for you and your family.  As cedar ages, it goes through a natural process of dispelling water .  This process does not affect its exceptional durability and the appearance of fine lines and cracks are very common throughout the generational life of your swing.

These swings are made and presented with many thoughtful considerations to enhance the ambiance you are creating and the longevity of the product.  All the hardware needed for your swing comes with a rust-resistant coating and tasteful, all-weather cushions are offered to make your experience all that more enjoyable.

Cedar wood is chosen for its hardiness and natural ability to resist insect damage, weather damage and nearly all forms of decay.  It has been a sought after choice for generations as it will not shrink or warp like most wood is known to do.  The chairs are crafted from Northern White Cedar in Quebec and British Columbia.  The wood matures over time from a soft white to a classic silver gray.  Cedar is great for indoor and outdoor use and may be stained or painted to accommodate your style preferences.

What’s Under The Hood?

• Manufacturer’s 5 year limited warranty
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Natural decay and insect resistances
• Custom cushions sold separately
• Swing comes equipped with chains
• Overall dimensions: 26″ H x 47″ W

Customers have given this swing a four and a half star rating so far, with no indication of problems with the product or its assembly.  Some people received the package earlier than expected and everyone would recommend this swing to a friend.

City mice and country mice alike will enjoy the soothing sways of this floating bench.  Few things bring you closer to nature.  See for yourself just how affordable this small piece of happiness can be for you or your family.

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