The Patio Perfect Rocking Chair – Koala Bear Not Included

December 10, 2010

Rocking chairs have been an American staple since the 1800’s.  From sea to shining sea and everything in between,  The Patio Perfect Rocking Chair will be there to embrace you in its gracefully curved armrests and contoured, crafted seating.  Whether you need to warm your toes by the fire or lull your child to sleep, there’s no better way to spend the day than perched in this pleasing piece of American History.

My favorite way to relax in one of these graceful gliders is to find a spot to place my feet up high, like a porch railing, and push back on the chair until it is at a nice relaxing tilt; with my knees still bent I barely move my toes, creating just enough energy to keep the chair in seemingly effortless perpetual motion.  I can literally sway for hours, dreaming and writing as I push my pen in little loops, making plant like curlicues all along the crinkled edges of my next great idea.

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The only thing better than a new rocking chair, may be a hand squeezed glass of fresh, cold, homemade lemonade on a sweltering summer day.  These two things go hand in hand, like country music and cowboy hats.  Whenever I see a nice front porch that is missing this classic companion, I wonder how someone doesn’t feel like they are missing their right arm.  How on earth do you truly enjoy a porch without a rocking chair or swing?

Eucalyptus has more to it than just a strong smell and cranky koalas.  Take a bit of Australia’s best home to rest.

As you rock gently to and fro in your new hardwood chair, you might imagine the towering eucalyptus, one of the tallest flowering trees in the world, as it sways gently in the hot Australian breeze.  As you close your eyes you begin to imagine kangaroos bounding across the vast plains and cute koala’s munching away on a mouthful of its fragrant leaves.  The yearly oil maintenance seems like a small price to pay for the comfort and quality these finely finished rockers.

The Lowdown: Features, Facts And Figures

• Very little assembly required
• Deep seating design
• Durable eucalyptus hardwood
• Fully stained and oiled for protection
• Requires yearly oil maintenance
• 42″ H x 29″ W x 23.5″ D
• Weight: 26 lbs
• manufacturer numbers: 10095RC

Customer reviews for this outdoor rocking chair call it attractive and well made.  There does seem to be a bit of discrepancy about the ease of the assembly however.  One happy reviewer deemed it hassle free while another gave it a half star demerit for difficulty.  This chair ships fast, one to three days, and has free shipping to boot.  The package ships small parcel and will ship to Canada as well.

Bring home a piece of American history and join the thousands of other people in the meditative bliss owning this chair can manifest.  This chair is a world class traveler and will love you for a lifetime.  Make all your memories last by investing in fine hardwood and leave your worries on the doorstep as you sway your troubles away.

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